by Lily Byrd

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Two People 03:48
I am two people wrapped in one A calculated honey and a single smoking gun I carry half of all that you bear And I live inside a house that we've built and that we share I try to recombine myself so I'm not torn apart So I can see a future with a single beating heart But I get in trouble because you make me leave A part of me outside the door I don't have time to feed So please Leave room for us to breathe I have two visions in my mind In one I roam round' England In the other I am tied To a ring around my finger that keeps me firmly on the ground To a life my thoughts get lost in never to be found But in the other I am lonely and have killed you once again I'll have freedom I'll have silence But I'll lose my only friend So please Leave room for me to breathe And I know I'm young and I'm naive But I'm standing on the edge Please
Don't Move 03:56
Blankets and beds I'm still for you Hypnotized by a headlight Your headlight And I don't move And I can't move A well lit collision You take blood and bone As a condition for soft lighted love And I don't move And I can't move Now in beds I run My hands critique Hypnotized by a lack of love And I don't move And I can't move And I won't move
Better Now 04:43
Lonely sleeps with me I kiss it in the morning It follows A shadow And she was blind to me She followed She ran from Her shadow And he caught a glimpse of me But I know he's with another I followed Until I was cold I gave you everything It sits inside you It's locked inside you But you don't want it anymore Because you don't see me anymore And so few care to see But I am better now that you don't love me Love me
Numbers 03:40
Hard to leave a maybe lover Hard to see anything but you A quick vacation in the winter left me looking at the mountains Seeing your ghost in the mountains wondering when You'd see me again When the snow is gone in August Or if you pay the Spanish plaines My hair will tangle like you promised from sleeping beside you Your hands in my hair beside you But until then I'll see you in numbers my friend And maybe if we shared a country I'd make me coffee, make you tea We'd watch the sun rise over Iceland And I wouldn't have to cry when you'd leave So I'll sit in your silence But I won't wait for you I'll see you in numbers Because you're good at straightening them And I'll kiss you when the snow falls again I'll see you in numbers my friend
Light 03:42
I, in my mind have a voice that tells me the eyes that see mine will glaze and roll away And I, in my mind have a voice that tells me quiet down girl you're louder than life And I see the way that my eyes can darken blacker in the night And I feel my body cave in in places starving for the sight A view of a road clear and straight Where the sun can reach my skin and I'm afraid when I leave that light will fade Because I feel connected through silvery wires to your voice in the night And I feel a hunger for your eyes upon me The way you look at me like I am Light So bottle the bright that glows orange in the night I'll keep it close to my heart boy And I will remember this city the way that you showed me the orange in the night and how I Shine


Five songs in the order they were written.


released October 25, 2018

Electric Guitar: Harry Dry
Acoustic guitar (Don't Move, Numbers): Ido Goldberg
Saxophone: Sylvie Leys
Backing vocals (Don't Move, Better Now, Numbers): Nan Macmillan
Backing vocals (Don't Move, Numbers, Light): Gracie Hays
Violin: Gracie Hays
Trumpet: Francesca Pavesi (Beatswin)

Ronald Ayala, Srikar MN, and Gracie Hays for helping in the studio during the recording process.

Ben Cantil and Pierce Warnecke for sound design help and mixing advice.

Otherwise written/performed/produced/mixed/mastered by Lily Byrd

Thank you to all who inspired this work.



all rights reserved



Lily Byrd Boston, Massachusetts

Lily Byrd is an indie electro-folk musician who combines the old and the new, the electronic and the acoustic. Her music collages together a weirdly beautiful vibe that is simultaneously haunting and feminine.

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